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About Beacon Holistic: Our Story

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At Beacon Holistic, our mission is to empower people to find their optimum health and well-being while improving their quality of life, by providing safe and effective “as found in nature” supplements.


The Beacon Holistic Story


Beacon Holistic –

founded by a mother, nurse, and warrior fighting for an accessible pathway to natural healing.

Jaime LeVasseur, My Story

My name is Jaime. I am a mother, a wife, and a nurse on a mission. During nursing school, I spent countless hours studying conventional medicine. I learned about the benefits and dangers of Western Medicine, I saw it save lives, and I saw it end lives.

It wasn’t until my own daughter became seriously ill – when no medicine was working, and when no doctor could give us a solution – that I started to devote my life to finding a way to heal her.

The final straw was a doctor suggesting my daughter’s symptoms were “all in her head.” As a medical professional, and a mother that spent countless nights lying on the bathroom floor with my daughter, I knew this was not in her head.

My daughter Julia suffered for years with debilitating stomach pain, invasive arthritis, and horrible brain fog. She was anxious and she was depressed. I could see her childhood being stripped from her, and I could not let that happen. I spent every second researching ways to heal my daughter, which I soon realized would become my full-time job. The more I researched, the more I took on. I began cooking every meal for my family from scratch, ensuring that every ingredient was organic and would not aggravate Julia’s symptoms. I spent every spare minute and every spare penny trying to heal Julia.

Eventually, my exhaustive efforts paid off. Julia finally had a diagnosis – Inflammatory Bowel Disease – and the natural remedies started to relieve her symptoms. During my sigh of relief, I couldn’t help but still feel a tinge of anger. It should not have been this difficult to find help for my child, especially with my medical background. I had quickly become the go-to person in my group of friends, my small town, and my extended family for holistic healing. I was seeing the struggles that other parents were experiencing with their children, who were plagued with various symptoms that were not being controlled through prescription medicine. I continued to broaden my research, consulting with physicians, scientists, naturopaths, and other medical professionals.


That’s when I realized my mission could not end with my child. I needed to turn my family’s struggles into a way to help others find an accessible way to heal themselves and their families. I needed to be a beacon of hope.

I founded Beacon Holistic Products to provide people with information, education, and natural healthcare products they can trust. We take the heavy burden off the shoulders of the sick and their caretakers, providing access to carefully curated information and holistic products. I have spent over ten years researching natural and alternative medicine to understand the effects and potential side-effects of using these products. Therefore, at Beacon Holistic, we painstakingly research and vet each product we feature. We make sure each company we work with is ethical and transparent, with total product traceability. We also ensure that each product is organic, with no chemicals, and as close to nature as possible.

Because we have already done the research and background check on the products we offer, you can trust that the quality and safety is the best you can give yourself, your children, and other family members. We offer you the same products I use myself and give to my family.


Peace, Love & Homeostasis,

– Jaime LeVasseur, Founder of Beacon Holistic Products


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